Life; It’s so easy to get overwhelmed; get caught up in the madness that exists in every direction. Sometimes (who am I kidding! For most) home life is chaotic, whether it’s your partner, parents, children, pets, meal prep, sport, extra curricular activities, you name it, it’s busy! Then work, emails, parents and families, billing and inquiries, staff, rosters, maintenance, compliance, A&R!

Again it never stops!

Then you start taking work home with you or putting in the extra hours to get things done and slowly, that delicate balance of life begins to wobble & if you don’t recognise the signs quick enough things start to come crashing down around you! And usually it’s your body; falling ill, peaking anxiety and depression and over all the ability to not be able to cope with anything!

Why am I writing this...? You know life is hectic! I’m here to reassure you that it is hectic; BUT you don’t have to merge your work and home life together to manage; start by ensuring that you have a clear plan for work, with manageable goals and enough support!

Be the leader of a team, instill these values and support through-out your team, so that as they grow so will their ability to stand up for their rights, embedded sustainable leadership and enable a sustainable sector. By taking care of you now; your leading the way for our future leaders! #bethechange #sustainableleadership #SproutsEnrichesLeaders

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