The Innovative Solutions Support assists eligible services to fund innovative and flexible solutions to inclusion, where a barrier has been identified and it cannot be addressed by the support provided by its Inclusion Agency (IA), or through other IDF funding streams. Eligible services can work collaboratively with their IA to identify barriers and propose innovative solutions to inclusion to meet the specific needs of the service.  Examples may include (but are not limited to) funding for activities which facilitates outreach and connections to community support, and funding to purchase translating and interpreting services, services from cultural experts or specialist advice on how to include a particular child, including bicultural support workers.

An application for the IDF Innovative Solutions Support may relate to a particular care environment where the inclusion barrier is presented, or in the context of the whole service. Services can also work together in their local community to address an inclusion barrier.

The allowed range of a single application for IDF Innovative Solutions Support is $300-$3000. Applications over $3000 will be referred to the Department. An Innovative Solutions Support Case has a Start and End Date, which is indicative of when the project is expected to commence and end. The IDF has an annual capped funding allocation, and the approval of any application made to the IDF is contingent on the availability of funding. 

This information has come straight from the Inclusion Development Funding Manager. please find the link for further information;

Specialist Advise, Mentoring and support

SPROUTS provides hands on and tailored support to address specific barriers services are facing to ensure Authentic and genuine inclusion

  • Mentoring educators to build their capacity to understand, respond to and guide children behaviours. This is done On site and ongoing

  • Coach and Scaffold Educators practices, enhancing effective and inclusiveness

  • Suggestions with adjustments to the environments and programs

  • Assist in developing, implement and incorporate effective child specific strategies

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