SPROUTS Early Childhood Mentoring Consultants (ECMC) provide tailored support to Centre Leaders in the Early Childhood sector.


SPROUTS was founded due to a noticeable gap in the market to provide personalised support to Early Childhood Leaders. We achieve this through tailored mentoring packages, where we work directly with Leaders to build their confidence, capacity and knowledge within their role.


SPROUTS support Leaders to identify the current challenges they may be facing in their workplace or personal life and are given the tools and techniques required to help lead change, reflect and rid the doubt.


SPROUTS mentoring program is a positive, supportive relationship, encouraging Leaders to develop their fullest potential. Together, we support Leaders on their journey to achieve their goals and dreams and we help to guide Leaders through the learning they need in order to move forward, stay on track and achieve success and happiness. Mentoring is multi-faceted and can be formal or informal and may change and evolve as needs change.


SPROUTS Mentoring packages are flexible and are tailored to the individual/company and can be facilitated through digital media or face to face. Please click here to view the current packages.


SPROUTS is also available to work directly with Centres to improve their service offering by ensuring each Centre reflects their community, adheres to the National Quality Standards, strongly supports each child’s learning and promotes meaningful engagement with each family.

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Co-Founder and Director

Cassandra Button has over 10 years’ experience in Early Childhood education and holds a Bachelor of Teaching (Early Childhood) and Certificate IV in Training and Assessment.

Cassandra has worked as an Inclusion Support worker, Room Leader, 2IC and Centre Director at both high and low Socio-Economic Status areas and has extensive knowledge and experience in working with children with additional needs and behaviour management.

Through her experience over the years, Cassandra is able to recognise the impact an environment can have on the children, educators and parents, the importance of collaborating with everyone within each child’s surroundings and providing the right support to educators to be active team members, all while embedding long term strategies and quality improvements for the Centre.

Cassandra is known for her innovative approach to leadership development and her ability to ensure maximum transfer of learning to the workplace. Cassandra takes a holistic approach to coaching, facilitation, culture, feedback and leadership development.


  • Bachelor of Teaching (Early Childhood)

  • TAE40116 Certificate IV in Training and Assessment


Co-Founder and Director

Rachelle Linhart has 10 years’ experience in Early Childhood and holds a Bachelor of Training (Early Childhood).

Rachelle began her journey has a Trainee, working her way up to become a Centre Director, working for both profit and non-profit services. Rachelle is a mum to 3 beautiful children.

Rachelle is highly experienced in building and embedding strong relationships between families, educators and children and throughout her career has worked in both high and low Socio-Economic status areas.

Rachelle is known for her commitment to sustainable practices, her nurturing nature and her connection to the local community.


  • Bachelor of Teaching (Early Childhood)

  • Diploma in Children’s Services

  • Certificate III in Children’s Services











To inspire leaders with providing tailored support, facilitating ongoing growth to individuals and to Early Childhood Services


To provide personalised support with leaders in early childhood through guiding, inspiring and collaborating

We want to ensure all centres are providing quality education and care to their communities